My name is Glenn Hall I grew up in the small town of Umina, Australia. These days I split my time between Australia and Europe, pretty much living out of a suitcase. Travelling and surfing around the world is a dream. I enjoy most sports and I’ll give anything adventurous a go. I’m addicted to golf, it’s a good contrast to the ocean, a place to relax and turn the surfing brain off. I love tennis, football, soccer, boxing which are all part of my training. My mum and dad have supported me throughout my journey so far and given me every opportunity to succeed in surfing. They didn’t have a great deal of money to fund my early years but they did everything they could to give me the best chance. And now I have my own family, my amazing wife Jemma and our daughter Zara. Family means the world to me, more to me than any wave or event but luckily I have both to enjoy.


2013 will be my rookie year on the WT and my 3rd year as a father. Im 31 years old and feel as young as ever.




Micro Surfing Academy (MSA) offers mentoring for Intermediate and Elite surfers. Through MSA you work personally with Micro to improve in areas such as progressive surfing, competition strategies, maneuver technique, plus and advise on events and equipment. 
To get more info on MSA services please email info@microsurf.com.au